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This site is a repository for my Japanese and kanji studies. Basically, anything interesting that makes me think "I wish I had this resource when I was first studying kanji!" will be shared here.
So, if you are a kanji nerd like me, please take a look around, and I hope you find the stuff here useful! Feel free to contact me with any corrections or suggestions.
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Vocabulary for level 1 of the Kanji Kentei.


Phrases from all levels of Japan Proverb Test.

4-char Idioms

4-character idioms from the Kanji Kentei levels 5~1.

Kanji Construction

Illustrated theory of kanji construction.

Kanji Hunting

Photos and analysis of kanji in the wild.

Ijidoukun List

How to tell apart kanji with matching readings.

Kanji/Proverb Quiz

Test knowledge of Kanji Kentei and Proverb Test terms and phrases.


YouTube videos on kanji study.


Contact info and stuff about me. Message me anytime!

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